The Songs of Paul Fujimoto

by Paul Fujimoto



Seattle-born writer of contemporary musical theatre songs based in NYC.
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released December 20, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Paul Fujimoto.


all rights reserved



Paul Fujimoto New York

Composer/Lyricist of the new musical CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, based on the New York Times-Bestselling novel by Jamie Ford.

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Track Name: Lauren Worsham - 6 am (The Non-Equity Song)
My pillow...
My pillow is soft.
My pillow...
My pillow is warm.
Never get up, never get up.
Ah! Ah!
Never get up...

(Her alarm clock goes off. She wakes, dresses, and makes her way to Midtown.)

Open call, non-Equity,
Pittsburgh Civic Light.
Open call, so naturally,
the line forms on the right.

How I long to sleep in on Mondays.
Not a sin, sleeping in.
But, instead, I'm in line with
a wanna-be Idina, nursing on an Aquafina,
looking like she's never seen a pair of tweezers.
A clueless ego-maniac,
who just arrived from Hackensack,
believing her augmented rack
can cover up a blatant lack of talent.

Oh, how gallant I must seem,
chasing after this pipe-dream.
But, the truth is this:
it isn't always bliss.
When you're a classically-trained soprano,
who's forced to sing Frank Wildhorn instead...
I should have stayed in bed.

But, my credit...
My credit is bad.
My student loans...
My student loans are hefty.
Up on your feet!
You've gotta eat!
Ah! Ah!
Go get a job!

Oh God, I wanna run and hide.
I'm contemplating suicide.
I wish I had some pesticide to use on
the quasi-nouveau avant-garde
who feels, cause she's from Juilliard,
the need to constantly bombard us
with her perfect diction.

Feel the friction between us.
And they STILL haven't seen us.
Oh, how fair 'twould be to play Eliza D...
But, when you're just a non-union nothing,
you take the children's tours you can get!

(Her high note gets her the job.)

Equity card! Equity card!
How divine! Finally mine!
Yes, it's true, there'll be the same bullshit...
But, it won't concern me 'til nine!
Track Name: Andy Mientus - The Lady Upstairs (excerpt)
She hardly ever leaves her room.
She's always listening to the radio.
I visit once a week -- she always has the time
the lady upstairs, the lady upstairs.

She's been and seen and done it all.
I mean, to look at her, you'd never know.
But faded photos show a beauty in her prime,
the lady upstairs, the lady upstairs.

In fifty-four, she lived in France
on scholarship to study dance.
Perfect line, perfect feet,
future set, life complete.
And then, one day in a Nice cafe,
she meets a boy who takes her breath away.
He doesn't have a dime.
Still, he promises: "Give me time,
Sarah, I know I can't afford the finest things.
But, I know a place where the mountains touch the sky.
And, Sarah, I'll take you there.
We'll be happy, just you and I."

We make decisions every day.
And who's to say what's really right or wrong?
I only know she longs for the love she turned away
the lady upstairs, the lady upstairs.

(Instrumental break)

So now, I'm standing at your door.
And though, right now, you don't have time for me,
please don't shut me out.
You just don't know me yet.
I could be the one you never will forget.
Annie, don't look back with sorrow and regret
like the lady upstairs, the lady upstairs.
Track Name: Kara Lindsay - Out of the Box (The Barbie Doll Song)
You've gotta live your life with sparkle.
No magic is tragic,
like New Year's without champagne.

You've gotta flit a little glitter
on the ho-hum, the hum-drum,
to make it less, like...plain.

Me, I heard my future calling,
when I was only eight,
up on the wall of the Wal-mart.
It must have been, like, fate!

A princess in red
with a twistable head,
a Dream House, a car
and a Ken.

I know it sounds odd
but, right hand to God,
she said to me, just then:

"Get me out of the box.
Let me breathe in the air.
Let me walk in the world,
with my hair-do unfurled.
People may stare, I don't care!

When I feel that I'm really alive,
then I'll know what the fuss is about.
Get me out, out, out (3x)
of the box!"

So, like, of course I bought that Barbie
and three more each week,
'til I damn near had them all.

And my collection gets so massive,
my only real rival
is the Barbie Hall...of Fame.

But soon, my doll obsession brought depression.
I had a scary thought:
What's a collector collecting,
once everything's been got?

Alone and afraid, I prayed and I prayed.
Then, who should I suddenly hear?
My original friend!
She said "I'm more than pretend,
make ME your career!

Take me out of the box.
Make us one and the same.
Take a couple of hints
from Madonna and Prince:
Nobody NEEDS a last name!

Bring my passion and fashion to life
and, baby, you'll make a splash, there's no doubt.
Think out, out, out of the box..."

It isn't enough to just collect
hankies or locks of hair from them.
To truly honor celebrities you respect,
the best way is to, like, BECOME them!

So, I scour Filene's Basement and T.J. Maxx
on my quest for the best accessories.
Cashiers point and cackle,
but who lives the shackled life?
Not me.
Not me!

Out of the Box!
I'm living the dream!
It's more than the shoes.
It's more than the make-up.
Take hold of your life.
Don't sleep in -- wake up and
get out, get out, get out, oh yeah (2x)
Out of the Box!!
Track Name: Shoshana Bean - Other Wing (excerpt)
They'll try their best
to teach her all the "proper" rules.
They'll try their best
to "fit her in."
But to the rest,
the bigots and the fools,
she'll always be a "guest"
with darker skin!

Right now, she's everyone's friend.
But soon, she'll hit the wall.
She can't continue pretending she's white.
They girl is certain to fall --
no way she's taking flight
without her other wing,
her other wing.

Out away at school, if I ever felt alone,
I'd dream about the fish in Tenkiller Lake.
Like a world of perch to get us through the day,
we only had to reach down and take.

But when this poor girl reaches down into the river,
when she tries to claim her rightful share,
oh, she'll realize, with a shock,
for her, the fish have never been there.

You think I'm out of my mind,
you think I'm wasting time.
But, I've devoted my life to this cause.
Our children need a protector.
I've studied all the laws --
I'll be their other wing,
their other wing.

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